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Toowoomba Revival Fellowship

So Who Are We?

  • We are all kinds of people who come from a diversity of backgrounds. Our ages range from young to old. We are like a close family and we share a love for God and His Word, the Bible.
  • God has given us a life changing personal experience and a new appreciation of Jesus through being baptised by full immersion and being filled us with His Holy Spirit. God works miracles in our lives daily, and teaches us truths from the Bible, so we have lots to talk about when we get together for fellowship anytime.
  • In Toowoomba, we have a vibrant group of people consisting of adults, teens and young children. We enjoy being able to get together with many other spirit filled brothers and sisters to talk about God and his blessings.
  • Our church in Toowoomba had its beginnings in late 1977 when a couple of people received the Holy Spirit and poke in Tongues, just as described in the book of Acts. Wonderful miracles took place - freedom from addictions, healings, and provision - and they realised that this experience was the key to having the power of God in their lives.

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