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Toowoomba Revival Fellowship

Our Vision Is:

  • To spread the Word of God to all the world so that all can be saved (Mark 16:15)

  • To show you that you can have a personal experience and relationship with God (Mat 5:45)
  • To provide a fellowship where you can learn and grow in God's ways (1 Cor 1:9)
  • To foster a family environment where you can experience the love of God through Spirit Filled fellowship with each other (Eph 3:15 - 19)
  • To encourage individuals to find and use their particular ministries and talents for the expanding and edifying of the Body of Christ (Eph 4:11 & 12)
  • To be a "light on the hill" in Toowoomba, that will attract those who hunger for The Truth, healing and purpose in their lives (Matt 5:16)

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